Thursday, December 18, 2014

Shipping your rug to us for cleaning won't cost you anything

Shipping your rug to us for cleaning won't cost you anything

Shipping your rug to us for cleaning
Have you wanted to have your fine handmade rug cleaned for a while but you don’t live close to a professional rug cleaning company
We have now come up with a solution for that problem.  Whether you have
a nice handmade oriental wool rug or a synthetic machine made rug you
can now ship your rug to us and we will clean it for you and ship it
back to you when we are done.  The best part is we pay all the shipping
cost, not you.
So how does the rug shipping program work?
1. Send an email
to with the size of the rug and a photo of the front
and back of the rug.  If you know whether or not the rug is wool, silk,
nylon, polyester, etc that would also be helpful.  Then we will send
you back a price based on the information you provide.  (Please know
that we will measure the rug, when we receive it, to the nearest inch
and we will confirm the price based on our measurement.)
2. If you are
agreeable with the price then we will ship you a packet containing some
shipping instructions, a rug shipping bag, and a rug cleaning release
form that you will need to send back with the rug before we can clean
3.  We will give
you a couple of days to package the rug up (including the cleaning
release form) and then we will send FedEx to your location and pick up
the rug. 
4. Once we receive
the rug from FedEx we will then call you and go over any cleaning
related issues we see.  We will also photograph any issues with the rug
and share them with you via email. 
5. Once the rug
has gone through our 7 step rug cleaning process then we will call you
and get payment before shipping the rug back to you via FedEx.  We will
need to have your rug about a week plus the shipping time both ways.
6.  At anytime
during the cleaning process you can check in on the progress of your rug
with our live rug cleaning webcam that streams on the homepage of our
website when we are cleaning rugs.  So you can track the progress of
your rug as it goes through the cleaning process.
It really is that
easy.  You ship the rug to us and we will clean it and ship it back to
you.  So now no matter where you live in the country you can have your
rug professionally cleaned by rug cleaning experts. 


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