Thursday, August 30, 2012

Removing Urine From An Oriental Rug

Taking your rug to an oriental rug cleaner can sometimes be a necessity.  This is the case with urine in a rug. Since so many Americans have pets in there homes now days, it is inevitable that a few "accidents" will happen on rugs from time to time.  Trying to clean these up is where the problem comes in. While there are many products on the market to eliminate the odor from urine in carpet these are not made with wool fibers in mind.  If you don't know what you are doing while trying to clean up the urine then you can cause further damage to the rug.  Sometimes urine can make the dyes in the rug unstable and the moment you attempt to clean the area, the darker colors in that area will bleed onto the lighter colors.  As an oriental rug cleaner, this can happen to us also, however, we do have ways of controlling it or preventing it most of the time.

The only way to be sure the urine is out of the floor covering though is to have it completely immersed and washed.  Washing will allow all the contaminants to be flushed out.  After washing in an oriental rug cleaning plant takes place then they will also have the facilities to be able to get it dry within 24 hours.  These are things that can not be duplicated in someones home by a carpet cleaning company or the rug owner.

So the next time you are in the need to have a rug cleaned make sure to find a reputable in-plant rug cleaner who can wash your floor covering properly.  This will insure that you get decades of use from the textile.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Webcam winning HydraMaster Contest

Well my rug cleaning webcam has won another award.  This time the Marketing Gems Contest from HydraMaster.  A big thank you goes out to HydraMaster for putting on the contest, it was great fun reading all the other entries.  I would also like to thank all the people that commented, liked, and shared my story.  You can view the rug cleaning webcam here.