Thursday, January 12, 2012

Another Company's Drying vs. Pearson Carpet Care

So I got a call from an adjuster to meet him at a house that had a water loss 6 days ago. The loss started in the second floor bathroom. The toilet tank cracked in a 9 year old 3400 sf house and affected 3/4 of the house. The insured called someone they knew to dry it. The company brought out two dehumidifiers (only one was an LGR) and two fans. They cut out some plywood decking on the second floor, drilled holes in the plywood other places and had no moisture meters, even though it says water restoration on their van. They also had a yellow fan that had nails in the handle and one poked me pretty good is the only reason I noticed it. I am now drying the house with my equipment (4 dehus. and 19 fans) and so the other company came to pick up their equipment today. I asked the guy about why there were nails in the fans, he said so they could tack down the carpet when they put the fan under it. I still can't believe people dry (or attempt to dry) this way. Also he had a standard refrigerant on the job and the grains in the house were 42 so it wasn't working but he didn't know that. It was so low grains inside today because outside it is 15 grains today in Houston but to cold to dry with the windows open. Here is a slide show of the job. The red phoenix fans and phoenix dehus. are mine. The other equipment belonged to the other company.